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At The Law Office of James M. West, our jury trial results, experience and commitment to our clients has led to lasting professional relationships with insurance companies. For over 21 years our extensive jury trial experience and results in personal injury/insurance defense law has built the trust and respect of many insurance companies, such as Auto-Owners Insurance Company, EMC Insurance Company, State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Our Edgewood-based Kenton County personal injury/insurance defense attorney will manage your unique, complex and challenging personal injury/insurance defense cases.

Edgewood Insurance Trial Attorney Who Gets Results

In the courtroom, our law firm uses dynamic evidence presentation tools and software to present evidence on video projection screens in a way that makes it easy for the jury to understand.

In one recent case, we received a defense verdict after a nine-day trial. By utilizing the video deposition editing we were able to replay the critical video clips of our experts testimony during closing arguments. When a jury has watched over 20 hours of expert witness depositions the ability to not only summarize the testimony but to present it in a crisp and clear manner is priceless.

We have been obtaining these results repeatedly over the past 20 years. In 2008, Kentucky Trial Court Review ranked Mr. West second among the Most Prolific Trial Attorneys of the year.  A lawyer that maintains a corporate client for over 20 years speaks volumes about the lawye’rs ability to achieve positive results.

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We have established a reputation for achieving results through reliable case management for national insurance companies that need effective and reliable representation for their insureds in Kentucky. Call 859-341-0600 or send us an email to discuss a new assignment.